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Through our Healthy Futures project, we help people to improve their overall health and quality of life.

Healthy Futures aims to reduce repeat hospital admissions and support people to find appropriate accommodation when they are discharged from hospital. It helps to coordinate hospital services so that people who are homeless and have multiple health problems can leave hospital as soon as possible. It also shows people how to use health services effectively.

The project was originally funded by the Department of Health’s Homeless Hospital Discharge Fund and is now funded by the Clinical Commissioning Groups in Derbyshire and local authorities.

Click here to read the two-year evaluation of Healthy Futures.

The Benefits of Healthy Futures

Better health

We help people use health services more effectively by providing personalised support. We also work closely with health and community services, helping people to better manage their long-term health conditions.

Better housing

We find accommodation for people with no suitable housing, and then provide ongoing support to help them live independently and maintain their accommodation.

Better use of resources

Healthy Futures improves the coordination of social services, treatment services, housing and support, and reduces chaotic inappropriate use of health services.

Who is Healthy Futures for?

People using the following health services:

  • Hospital admission
  • A&E
  • Emergency ambulance

And who either:

  • Have a history of disproportionate use of health services
  • Are homeless with no permanent address of their own, including rough sleepers, sofa surfers and people living in hostels

Read the stories of Ed, Matt and Cornelius to find out how Healthy Futures makes a difference.


David is no longer homeless and is looking after his health with support from the Healthy Futures team

Cornelius is settled into his own flat and enjoying better health thanks to the support he had from Healthy Futures

Healthy Futures helped Ed to feel happier and healthier than he had felt in a long time

Matt lost his partner, his carer and his home all at once


Healthy Futures Two-Year Evaluation Report

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