Sam's Story


Sam knew nobody and had no support when he first came to Derventio.

Sam is a refugee who was sent alone from London to Derby. He know nobody in the area and had no support.

"We interviewed Sam for a housing assessment in February", says his housing officer. "He was referred to us by Milestone House. We found him a room in a 4-bed house and he lived there happily for five months, getting on well with his three housemates. In June we transferred Sam to a 2-bed property. This was more suitable to help him prepare for independent living.

"Sam had little understanding of benefits and housing options, so I supported him with his Housing Benefit claims and queries. He now has a much better understanding of the process. This in turn has given him a feeling of independence and he doesn't have to rely on others as much.

"After living in the 2-bed property, by the end of June Sam felt ready to live in his own place. I showed him how to use the Derby City Council Homefinder service to find available homes. Sam found a flat, but it was unfurnished. I helped him get an invaluable housing starter pack from Happy Homes, which he was very grateful for - he couldn't have afforded the items himself, and I didn't know how he would cope in an empty flat. The starter pack has helped his self-esteem immensely."

We have used a stock photo and changed Sam's name to protect his anonymity.


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