Aaron's Story

Aaron's Story

New parent Aaron took on an apprenticeship and now has a full time job

At 19 and with a pregnant girlfriend, Aaron really needed a job. He was referred to Talent Match and was soon offered an apprenticeship. At first, however, he was reluctant to take it. It didn't sound like the kind of work he wanted to do.

His Talent Match Mentor persuaded him to give it a try, and it really paid off. Aaron was eventually taken on full-time in a role organising transport and vehicles going all over the country. He was promoted within the company and spent a year in the role.

Things were going well, but with a small child at home he wanted a job that was more local. Thanks to his experience he was able to get a new job with a small local firm. Aaron now works full time and is home every evening to spend time with his partner and baby.

We have used a stock photo and changed Aaron's name to protect his anonymity.


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