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Growing Lives at Wirksworth Festival

15 Aug 2019

Growing Lives at Wirksworth Festival

Monoprints created by Growing Lives participants for the Shine a Light project will be exhibited as part of the Art and Architecture Trail at Wirksworth Festival on 7th and 8th September 2019.

Guided by contemporary visual artist Olivia Punnett, participants explored the collection at Derby Museum and Art Gallery, including the famous paintings by Joseph Wright. They chose works that personally resonated with them, and created artworks using mono-print and projection.

Olivia has guided and mentored participants through the process, and is curating the resulting exhibition at Wirksworth Festival. Olivia said: "I have worked with participants over the course of this Arts Council supported project, Shine a Light, and have been amazed at the work produced, as well as seeing the Joseph Wright Collection in a completely new light. The full range of mono prints will be available to see in the studios after the festival."

The project has been documented by photographer Jon Legge, and a booklet of his images documenting the project will be available at the exhibition.

The Art and Architecture Trail is Wirksworth Festival's famous opening weekend event. The whole town becomes a gallery with more than 100 artists and designer-makers showing their work in over 70 venues. Tickets for the Art and Architecture Trail cost £7 and the Shine a Light exhibition will be at Haarlem Artspace throughout the weekend.


Growing Lives
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